J&J Sweet Heart Yorkies

I always get the question "Why are Yorkies so expensive?"


Over the years we have lost a few puppies; and it never gets easier. We spend 24-7 taking care of these little guys, and when a yorkie puppy gets sick; it just requires that much more nurturing due to their tiny size they can die in a matter of hours.

Sometimes we find ourself exhausted; and sleep deprived after days and days of non stop care for a weak pup. The greatest feeling we have is when we can get a weak pup strong and healthy. Sometimes the cost to treat the ill pup can be extremely pricey with Vet visits, medicine, food, bottles, tubes etc. So if you are still asking "Why are Yorkies so expensive" below are some more of the expenses we usually pay while raising these little guys.

 It is estimated that the average breeder spends 120 hours per month caring for their Yorkies and pups. This 120 hours cannot be scheduled around other obligations; other obligations must be scheduled around your puppies. The small size of Yorkie puppies make them extremely susceptible to hypoglycemia and instant death during the first three months of life if they are not cared for properly. So, having a litter of Yorkies pretty much takes a considerable chunk of time and independence from your life.

Now expenses most breeders have to pay.

  • stud fee
  • Whelping box, heat pads, heat lamps, thermometer, scissors, towels, baby scales, tweezers, hemostats, baby suction bulb
  • milk replacement formula and/or goats milk, baby bottles, tubes for tube feeding, sterilising solution, nail clippers
  • puppy diarrhea medicine
  • food - a pregnant female may need up to four times what she normally eats, and a nursing female will also need a lot of food. Puppies also eat much more food than what you would think
  • vaccinations
  • lots of extra washing for bedding in whelping box
  • emergency vet trips (invariably late at night)for the emergency c-section
  • emergency vet trips to save a dying pup and having pup die most of time
  • time off from work that you need to take to help the bitch and to make sure that no puppies get squashed, etc - allow at least 5 days off work for this
  • vet visit and antibiotics for the bitch for such things as mastisis
  • Tons of advertising to sell puppies
  • lots of phone calls to and from interested and not so interested puppy buyers "